Wanted…Less Much Less

by December Lambeth on June 27, 2008

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  • Title: Wanted
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I went after Wanted with full force. I was really looking forward to a little James McAvoy action and honestly I used to think Angelina was hot, but now she truly needs to invest in a donut factory and eat up. Sadly every time I got a good look at James or even a decent action shot he looked constipated in slow motion, that wasn’t too hot. And the slow motion blood splatters and bullets going through the human skulls, a little over done and too much computer work.

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy ), a bored account manager, starts with a voice over about how much he hates his job, best friend, girlfriend and ultimately his life. His job is setting in a cubicle with a fat redhead breathing down his neck with a stapler demanding results and being totally obnoxious. His girlfriend is screwing his only friend and he doesn’t have the balls to confront him about it, so instead he provides condoms so his buddy can continue banging his girlfriend over lunch. His life is the same shit day in and day out, till an assassin bites it and they come for him.

Wesley finds himself in the middle of a shoot out while getting is daily bottle of panic attack meds in a local drug store and protected by the beautiful foxy Fox (Angelina Jolie). Running from Fox his would be protector and Cross (Thomas Kretschmann) his would be killer, Wesley is captured and brought to the elitist group of assassins called The Fraternity, who oddly enough is located in a massive textile factory.

Sloan (Morgan Freeman), head assassin and assignment hand out guy, convinces Wesley to join their little band of merry men and go after his father’s killer. First they have to give Wesley the whole initiation, the secret hand shake if you will and then a few assignments before he is ready. Oddly enough he only goes on 1 assignment and he’s ready to chase the true killer.

Then there is a wild twist and a big train wreck and finally a final shoot out.

Wanted came up short on humor, attention span and quality CGI; I get the over the top stunts, but some of them are way too far fetched for a super group of assassins ruled by a big old ball of string. I’ll give bonus points for a plot twist towards the last third of the film and capturing the mundane reality of cubicle life.

Wanted came up wanting for me, certainly short on attention and human interest. Maybe next time guys, but for now I’m sticking with the other blockbusters like Hulk, Iron Man and the anticipated Dark Knight.

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