Nick and Norah’s Finite Playlist

by Alan Rapp on September 25, 2008

in Music News & Reviews

  • Title: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Official Soundtrack)

The one-disc Official Soundtrack to Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist containss 15 tracks.  Included here are the light “Nick and Norah’s Theme” and “Baby You’re My Light” by Richard Hawley, “Our Swords” by Band of Horses, “Very Loud” by the Shout Out Louds, “Middle Management” by Bishop Allen, “Silvery Sleds” by Army Navy, and “Speed of Sound” by Chris Bell.

Like most soundtracks the package is a mixed bag.  Although there aren’t really any stinkers here there’s also no big hits.  The entire album is a mello groove that won’t get you too excited but won’t make you get up to skip tracks or change discs either.  My favorite track would probably be either Nick and Norah’s Theme or “After Hours” by We Are Scientists.

For a soundtrack this is a passable entry and for those who enjoy the movie it will leave you with memorable songs from the film.  As a standalone however it doesn’t offer much for the casual observer to pick it up and let it play.

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