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by Alan Rapp on July 25, 2007

in Film News & Trailers

In case you haven’t heard, the WTF news item of the week was Seth Rogen has been given the opportunity to write and star in The Green Hornet which has long languished in various stages of development hell.  Although I don’t mind Rogen trying his hand at the script (many writers including Edward Neumeier and Kevin Smith have tried with, so far, no success) but I do wonder at casting him in the role of pretty boy action hero Britt Reid/The Green Hornet when both George Clooney and Jake Gyllenhaal have shown interest (Clooney seems like perfect casting to me).  Jet Li has long been loosely tied to the project for the role of Kato.  You’ll know more when we do!

The Green Hornet

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