Fight the Power!

by Alan Rapp on December 19, 2007

in Film News & Trailers

Many fanboys and purists alike have been up and arms and ready to go all Guy Gardner on Warner Bros. for the announced casting of Justice League of America (if you missed the cast list check it out here).  Think there’s nothing you can do?  Well, you’d be right, but want a constructive way to show your displeasure?  Here’s you chance to sign an online petition of against the film.  Comic geeks unite!  Will it work?  I think I have a better shot seeing a $200 million Captain Carrot film directed by Stephen Speilberg, but hey at least it’s something, right?  Thanks go out to for getting the ball rolling.  At the time I’m writing this the petition has 465 votes, so go vote and add your snarky comments here!

Justice League of America

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