Marvel Comics 10 Greatest Cosmic Characters

by Alan Rapp on January 30, 2008

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The folks at got together recently to name the 10 Greatest Cosmic Characters in Marvel Comics history.  The list is made up of heroes and villains alike and includes an artificial life form, a head in a jar, a world devourer, a X-Man, the Seninel of the Spaceways, a New Mutant, and a Titan (but sadly no Guardians of the Galaxy – where’s the love!).  We have more on the man topping the list in the latest issue of our Comic Spotlight (check it out).  Check out the Full Diagnosis for the full list.


Marvel’s Greatest Cosmic Characters

10. The Supreme Intelligence
9. Warlock
8. The Imperial Guard
7. Adam Warlock
6. Galactus
5. Captain Marvel
4. Phoenix
3. Nova
2. The Silver Surfer
1. Thanos

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