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by Alan Rapp on March 27, 2006

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So what’s out there this week.  Well today we’ll take a look at the films scheduled to be released this Friday including the sequels to Ice Age and Basic Instinct, yet another horror film will Slither its way onto the screen and more.  Read on…


Here’s what’s scheduled to hit theaters this week.  Want to know more, just click on the title for film info including a full cast list.  Want a closer look, just click on the poster or link to watch the trailer.

Ice Age (2): The Meltdown

Sequel to the 2002 animated hit reunites director Carlos Saldanha with the voices of Ray Ramano, Dennis Leary, John Leguizamo, and Stephen Root (but no Jack Black, Cedric the Entertainer, or Alan Tudyk this time out).  Nope, this time we get voices of Seann William Scott, Queen Latifah and Will Arnett.  The sequel involves the end of the Ice Age as the animals worry the melting ice (hmmm….Global Warming inferences??) will destroy their home.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first film and don’t think it really earned a sequel (though it made enough $$ to make this film inevitable). 

Basic Instinct 2

Speaking of unnecessary sequels….  Sharon Stone reprises the role that made her a star.  Once again novelist Catherine Trammel is in the middle of murder only this time in England.  David Morrissey co-stars as the shrink called into evaluate her and falls under her spell of seduction….yeah, whatever.  Can a sequel (that took 14 years to get made) to a ridiculous film actually be any good?  Can a 48 year-old Stone still play the femme fatale?  Who at Sony thought this was a good idea?  Directed by Michael Caton-Jones (City by the Sea, The Jackal, Doc Hollywood), this one’s got train-wreck written all over it.


Four high school friends ponder life after high school down at the local rollerskating rink in Atlanta named Jellybeans.  With a cast of young unknowns (Ablie Clark, April Daniels, and T.I. and Big Boi) first time feature director Chris Robinson (whose done only music videos to date) and a script by Tina Gordon Chism (who gave us the underrated Drumline), how this one will turn out is anyone’s guess.


Yet another horror film dumped into the early year’s batch of “soon to be forgotten.”  Though to be fair this one’s got an interesting cast including Firefly star Nathan Fillion, B-movie tough guys Michael Rooker and Gregg Henry, Elizabeth Banks (The 40 Year Old Virgin), and Rob Zombie.  Written and directed by James Gunn (who wrote the Dawn of the Dead remake and both Scooby-Doo films…ugh) the story involves a small town invaded by an alien plague that slithers around and turns them into zombies and monsters.  Early response from the film has been less than enthusiastic.

In Limited Release:

Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School – Robert Carlyle as a widower who finds meaning in taking ballroom dance lessons.  Based on director Randall Miller’s original 1990 short film, though you might remember a similar film with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez called Shall We Dance.  This one’s got Marisa Tomei, Donnie Walberg, and John Goodman.  Joy.  View the trailer

Swimmers – Regional tale in a small Maryland fishing town tells the story of an 11-year old girl (Tara Devon Gallagher) forced to give up swimming due to an injury and her friendship with a woman (Sarah Paulson) who has just returned having dealt with her own tragedy.  View the trailer

Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That! – How do you like your Beastie Boys?  The film was taped by audience members at a 2004 performance.  Around 50 fans were chosen and given hand-held Hi8 cameras and the footage was pieced together to make the film.  View the trailer

Adam & Steve – Gay love story about two men who meet and fall in love only to discover that they met 20 years before under less happy circumstances.  Written and directer by Craig Chester (who also stars).  View the trailer

The Devil and Daniel Johnston (New York and Los Angeles only) – Manic-depressive singer/songwriter/painter/artist Daniel Johnson’s life and career are examined in this documentary by Jeff Feuerzeig that includes interviews with Johnston, his family and his friends.  View the trailer

Brick (New York and Los Angeles only) – A loner (Joesph Gordon Levitt) who in searching for the truth about the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend finds himself suddenly in the middle of a high school crime ring.  Written and directed by Rian Johnson.  View the trailer

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