Beauty and the Beast

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast – Down for the Count
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Beauty and the Beast - Down for the Count

As Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) gets a promotion to work for Homeland Security, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) sulks over losing both her best friend and detective to the Feds and the fact that her fiance has been keeping a huge secret from her. Following the clues left at the crime scene of a dead bounty hunter, Catherine and Vincent (Jay Ryan) work their way back to the head of the local fight club who the wrongly believe may be behind the bounty on Vincent. Of course over the course of the episode Vincent will expose his secret to a crowded bar room of disreputable individuals as well as the man he helps put in jail to close out the episode. But, hey, I’m sure the guy who was running an illegal fight club won’t hold a grudge.

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  • Title: Beauty and the Beast – Beast Interrupted
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Beauty and the Beast - Beast Interrupted

With Vincent (Jay Ryan) unable to hide his beast abilities (seriously, how has a guy this incapable of not beasting out in public not be outed at this point in the series?), Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) benches her husband while looking into a hacker who stole classified files from Homeland Security. When it becomes apparent Vincent isn’t the target but a celebrity (Amanda Setton) who helped the Federal Government fund witness protection (um… okay?), Vincent and Catherine work together to help save the woman and the witnesses she helped protect from a bomber (Brett Ryan).

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  • Title: Beauty and the Beast – Season Three
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The Third Season of Beauty and the Beast pits Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) against the dangerous Liam (Jason “Iron Eagle” Gedrick) who attacks the pair’s personal and professional lives to settle and old score. The season also introduces Gloria Votsis as the scientist responsible for engineering Liam.

Despite the introduction of legitimate threat in Liam, the quality of the show’s writing continues to be hit-and-miss. Three seasons in we still have the same problems from the show’s First Season: Kreuk still hasn’t convinced me she can play a cop and a GQ beast is pretty damn stupid.Highlights of the season include a fake wedding, Vincent and Catherine befriending a pair of assassins, and Vincent becoming more beast-like thanks to Liam’s influence before a rather disappointing finale.

Collected on DVD in a four-disc set, extras include deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

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  • Title: Beauty and the Beast – Monsieur et Madame Bete
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Beauty and the Beast - Monsieur et Madame Bete

With Liam (Jason “Iron Eagle” Gedrick) defeated new troubles threaten the happily married couple of Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) causing the pair to end their honeymoon prematurely. First, Vincent beasts out in order to save a French couple from a traffic accident. Second, a well-known conspiracy blogger begins putting together the pieces to uncover the truth about beasts. And finally, J.T. (Nina Lisandrello) and Heather (Nicole Anderson) are put themselves in danger investigating the blogger and finding a professional killer (Peter Wingfield) hunting the elusive beast.

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Beauty and the Beast – Destined

by Alan Rapp on September 14, 2015

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast – Destined
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Beauty and the Beast - Destined

Beauty and the Beast closes out its Third Season with the conclusion of the Liam (Jason “Iron Eagle” Gedrick) storyline. With their adversary continuing to put pressure on each member of the group by manipulating the government to take a closer look at the unsolved murders which Vincent (Jay Ryan) played a major role (by, you know, killing them all), Vincent chooses to come clean about everything to the FBI in a last ditch effort to save his friends and take down Liam. And if in doing so he admits to, and gets away with, multiple murders to keep the show going another season that’s just a bonus (wait, so the government knows he’s a murdering super-human with anger issues and doesn’t have a problem with this?).

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