Constantine – The Complete Series

by Alan Rapp on October 25, 2016

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Constantine - The Complete SeriesAlthough Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl (along with the less-successful Legends of Tomorrow) have all found solid footholds on The CW, not all of DC’s recent television shows have fourished. Constantine only lasted one-half of one season. Centered around dickish demon hunter John Constantine (Matt Ryan), the show had mixed results diving into the magic and occult of the DCU. Along with old (Charles Halford) and new (Angélica Celaya) friends, Constatine would fight to push back the darkness until the show’s cancellation (although since he has turned up on Arrow during it’s heavily magic-centered Fourth Season). Collected on DVD and Blu-ray, the show is a mixed bag (more comparable to Legends of Tomorrow than The CW’s other super-hero shows) which dips DC’s television universe into magic and the occult, but leaves quite a lot of story untold.

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Arrow – Haunted

by Alan Rapp on November 7, 2015

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Arrow - Haunted

“Haunted” not only brings in special guest-star Matt Ryan as John Constantine to help restore the soul of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), but the episode’s flashbacks also give us the first meeting between the pair on Lian Yu and offer an explanation for another of Oliver‘s (Stephen Amell) tattoos. Although I thought Constantine had some problems, I grew to like Ryan as the occult detective. It’s fun to see him reprise his role here, especially with news that this won’t be the last we see of him in the shared TV universe.

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Smallville Season Eleven Special #5 – Harbinger

by Alan Rapp on August 5, 2014

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Smallville Season Eleven Special #5 - HarbingerThe latest Smallville Season Eleven Special turns its attention the more magical and mystical aspects of the wider Smallville Universe by offering the first team-up of Zatanna and John Constantine. As a bigger fan of Zatanna than Hellblazer, I’ll admit I enjoyed both versions of the characters who are thrown together while dealing with the cult of Brother Blood who desperately wants a book of magic which once belonged to Zatanna’s father.

With some surly Constantine, some backwards incantations, and he reveal of the true enemy Blood wishes to bring forth, Smallville Season Eleven Special #5 – Harbinger also introduces a new character to the Smallville Universe who can now assume her rightful place with the Teen Titans.

The comic collects all four of the previously-released digital Harbinger issues in single issue. And Daniel HDR’s art, particularly the two leads, fits well with the wider vision of the Smallville Universe writer Bryan Q. Miller continues to carve out. Now if I could just convince him to add some super-hero rabbits to the mix. Worth a look.

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