Keri Russell

The Upside of Anger

by December Lambeth on April 8, 2005

in Movie Reviews 

  • Title: The Upside of Anger
  • IMDB: link

It’s nice to see two main actors comfortable with getting older, it really shows in their performance and adds great depth to The Upside of Anger. Kevin and Joan both inhabit their roles and show life as it is, not always pretty and perfect, but livable. The Upside of Anger is a film for adults about falling in love again and learning how to take it in the chin when life throws you those unexpected punches. Be prepared to laugh, cry, pissed off and laugh again; a well done film compared to the likes of American Beauty and Sideways.

A sharp edged film with talent that adds a little cushion to the blows. The Upside of Anger is rich, realistic, dark, comedic, sarcastic and completely human; it’s what goes on when life happens. Writer/Director Mike Binder shows what happens when misguided anger controls your life.

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