Nova #5

by Alan Rapp on April 10, 2017

in Comics

Nova #5 comic reviewAn attack on Sam‘s home that puts his sister in danger forces Richard Rider to admit a harsh truth to both himself and Earth’s other Nova. While the two of them can hold the malevolent creature at bay, Rider must admit he is unintentionally the cause for these attacks. Returning from the Cancerverse the Nova brought something back with him. And as long as Rider stays that door remains opened.

Nova #5 seems to end with Richard Rider making the big heroic sacrifice to save his universe from the evil coming through the the other dimension. However, the final few panels foreshadow this isn’t the end of Rider’s story, or necessarily his time with Sam.

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Nova #1

by Alan Rapp on December 15, 2016

in Comics

Nova #1 comic reviewNova relaunches again (because apparently no one currently working at Marvel Comics comics can count past three dozen or so these days). While the focus is still on Sam Alexander as Nova, he’s no longer the only Nova in town. Richard Rider has returned from the dead. Although the details of his resurrection are pretty sketchy at this point, one thing is for certain – Richard isn’t the same guy who gave his life to try and stop Thanos once and for all.

The focus jumps between the two heroes focusing on Richard’s odd visions and Sam still trying to balance super-hero duties (such as helping out Ego) with everyday life (like remembering to wear clothes under his costume before flying to school). There’s plenty of humor here in Sam’s story, while Rider’s pages are more dark foreboding of trouble to come.

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Nova #21

by Alan Rapp on September 22, 2014

in Comics

Nova #21Although his actions will have serious consequences for when he returns home to Earth, Nova takes the day off from school to fly into the heart of the Chitauri Empire and search for his father whom he has learned had been living as a slave forced to battle in the alien race’s gladiatorial games.

Sam makes it to the race’s heavily-guarded homeworld of Chitauri Prime, but discovers his father has already led a prison break and is now lost somewhere in space aboard a ship with limited capabilities which the young Nova cannot track.

Although Nova #21 doesn’t reunite Sam with his father, it does confirm for Sam that the former Nova is still alive and (like many other of the former gladiators) searching for a way home. It will be interesting to see how long the comic keeps his father lost in space and just what happens to Sam’s space-fairing extra-curricular activities once he does return to Earth. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

Nova #17

by Alan Rapp on May 26, 2014

in Comics

Nova #17Seeing how next month the comic will start tying into Marvel’s new summer event Original Sin, a crossover I have no interest in or plans on reading, this will probably be my last Nova comic for a few months. Although there’s not big super-threat, there’s quite a bit going on here as Nova struggles with his family’s financial troubles, still learning to use his super-powers to save those around him, and deal with his kid sister who puts on the Nova helmet for the first time (with disastrous results).

Continuing the comic’s common theme of a young hero still finding his footing, Nova #17 features more mixed success for Sam Alexander as neither his attempt to save his home with a giant radioactive chunk of gold nor preventing an oil tanker’s explosion have exactly the desired outcomes.

The comic ends on an ominous note teasing the death of The Watcher and Origin Sin which Nova will be playing a big role in. Burnt out on crossover events, I plan on checking back with same once the dust settles. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

Nova #16

by Alan Rapp on April 22, 2014

in Comics

Nova #16Wrapping up Sam‘s adventure in space and his team-up with Beta Ray Bill, Nova #16 pits the young hero against Skaarn who is now in control of a former Herald’s weapon imbued with the Power Cosmic.

I was actually surprised to see David Baldeon credited as the issue’s only artist as I thought stylistically the final chapter of the arc’s look varied quite a bit. Not that the art is bad, but on a first read through I would have guessed more than one artist was responsible. The final battle may have been a little anti-climactic given last issue’s push to super-size the threat of the villain who took advantage of Sam several issues ago, but Sam proves up to the challenge and earns the respect of both Bill and Cosmo (who I hope we haven’t seen the last of).

Emotionally the comic makes a big shift its final pages as Sam’s victory is space means nothing to the troubles awaiting him at home and a new problems for the young hero and his family to deal with beginning next month. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]