Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular

by Alan Rapp on March 23, 2020

in Comics

Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super SpectacularCelebrating the character’s 80 years in comics, the Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular offers stories throughout Robin’s run featuring those who have worn the costume over the years. “Robin in A Little Nudge” features Dick Grayson‘s final day as Robin, “Aftershocks” features Nightwing in a broken Gotham City during the events of Batman: Cataclysm, Nightwing infiltrates H.I.V.E. in “Team Building,” and we get an adventure with Dick Grayson from his spy days in “The Lesson Plan.”

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Super Sons #2

by Alan Rapp on March 22, 2017

in Comics

Super Sons #2 comic reviewCaught snooping by Lex Luthor, Robin and Superboy manage to get away thanks to a little misdirection and Damian threatening to blow up the LexCorp laboratory. Luthor’s reaction to the entire encounter is puzzling.

Taking them for a pair of common kids (climbing up the sheer side of a skyscraper), this raises some questions. While it is plausible that Lex has no idea that Jonathan exists, has this version of Lex never run into Robin before? This seems extremely unlikely, and even if that’s true wouldn’t he still know what the Boy Wonder looks like by knowing his former enemies and their sidekicks?

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Super Sons #1

by Alan Rapp on February 20, 2017

in Comics

Super Sons #1 comic reviewRobin and Superboy get their own team-up title in Super Sons. Benched by Batman for not taking his studies more seriously, a bored Damian shows up in Kansas to see how the other half lives. Hiding in a disguise as the school bus driver, Damian spends some time getting a measure of Jon Kent before deciding to reveal himself.

Super Sons #1 plays up the differences of the two super-hero children while showing us Damian as a bad influence who will likely get Jon into lots of trouble. Convincing Superboy to investigate break-ins in Metropolis, the pair head out only to run into the city’s new hero (and Superman’s former arch-nemesis) while looking into robberies at LexCorp facilities.

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans

by Alan Rapp on April 29, 2016

in Home Video

  • Title: Justice League vs. Teen Titans
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Justice League vs. Teen TitansThe latest home video release further exploring the characters and world introduced in Son of Batman sends the uncompromising Damian Wayne (Stuart Allan) to the Teen Titans in hopes that Robin may be able to learn teamwork and trust. Borrowing a little from Damien’s time with the Teen Titans prior to the New 52 reboot, writers Bryan Q. Miller and Alan Burnett choose to give their spin on a more classic Trigon (Jon Bernthal) story. As with the previous movies, the story lacks the Robin/Red Robin rivalry from the comics, but certainly entertains.

With both heroes and villains being possessed by a demon threatening to break into their world, Raven (Taissa Farmiga) reveals the truth about herself and her father to her teammates Beast Boy (Brandon Soo Hoo), Blue Beetle (Jake T. Austin), and Starfire (Kari Wahlgren). When Raven is captured and multiple members of the Justice League are possessed by Trigon it falls on Robin and the Teen Titans to save the day.

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Robin: Son of Batman #1

by Alan Rapp on June 24, 2015

in Comics

Robin: Son of Batman #1Taking place outside of the events of various other Bat-books, Robin: Son of Batman #1 introduces a new storyline for Damian as well as his own sidekick in the monstrous Goliath whom he must rescue after his pet breaks out of his cage.

Robin: Son of Batman #1 is a mixed bag. Skeletons from Damian’s past resurfacing seem to be the major theme introduced in this first issue as Damian accepts responsibility to deal with the mysterious “Year of Blood” which is tied to his birthright as the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul. He’ll also have to deal with he daughter of Nobody who has a vendetta against the Bat-brat for what Damian did to her father.

It appears that Damian’s short-run with super-powers has come to an end (thankfully), forcing the character to return using his deadly skills and brains to deal with whatever situation might arise. I’m more sold on the Nobody arc, and the addition of Goliath, than the Year of Blood (which is vaguely hinted at), but I’m not sure that’s enough to keep me on board for more than a couple of issues. For fans.

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