Here’s a look at LEGO DC: Shazam – Magic & Monsters featuring the Big Red Cheese helping the Justice League against Black Adam and the Monster Society of Evil. The straight-to-video movie will be available for streaming a week from today but won’t be available on DVD and Blu-ray until June 16th.

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by Alan Rapp on January 7, 2020

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SHAZAM! #9 comic reviewSHAZAM! #9 reveals the final choice of champions as Billy Batson shares his power with… his father? I’ll admit to being disappointed that the comic didn’t seize on the opportunity for Billy to offer his power to one of the creatures from the other lands the family has visited over the past eight issues (like say a bunny).

That said, I will admit that the choice of C.C. Batson was one I didn’t see coming and Billy’s choice to choose to share is his power with both his foster family and his birth father, against the wizard’s wishes, offers a nice moment as well as finally reunites the family after being separated across the various magical lands for most of the series.

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by Alan Rapp on October 1, 2019

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SHAZAM! #7 comic reviewThe family is still split-up among the different realms in SHAZAM! #7 with Pedro and Eugene coming in contact with someone who appears to be the wizard Shazam (although he may not be all that he appears) who takes the pair into the Wozenderlands rather than returning them home. Back on Earth, Billy and Mary are forced to deal with Mary’s decision to come out to their foster parents about the kids’ magical powers (putting Billy’s reunion with his father on hold long enough to return and find his missing siblings).

The other storyline brings members of the family in contact with Tawky Tawny for the first time as the tiger saves the lives of Darla and Freddy and helps them escape the Wildlands. (The trip to the Wozenlands also introduces a bunny, but not the one I was hoping for.)

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Batman/Superman #1

by Alan Rapp on September 2, 2019

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Batman/Superman #1 comic reviewThe new volume of Batman/Superman launches with Superman being called to Gotham City. A young boy has gone missing and all evidence points to the return of The Batman Who Laughs (Bruce Wayne from Earth-22 who was infected by that dimension’s Joker and has since become a hybrid of the two characters). Loose again on Earth-1, Batman and Superman team-up to find the missing boy and the villain who has teased the idea of turning all heroes into something just like him.

I was never really sold on the character of The Batman Who Laughs, but he’s largely absent here having already put his plan into motion. His choice of a new Robin creates much larger problems for The Dark Knight and the Man of Tomorrow when they realize Billy Batson (and his alter-ego) are now completely insane.

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What Makes SHAZAM! Great

by Alan Rapp on August 14, 2019

in Essays 

Captainmidnight takes a look at what makes SHAZAM! great.