Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #10

by Alan Rapp on July 16, 2019

in Comics

Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #10 comic reviewSpider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider comes to a close with its tenth and final issue (but don’t fret, true believers, our girl will be back in the all-new Ghost-Spider series). Issue #10 brings us back around to the trouble of Gwen‘s malfunctioning powers. In need of help, she dimensionally jumps to find one of the smartest people she knows.

There’s much to enjoy here including Gwen’s inner monologues, the dialogue between Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man, and the completely unexpected appearance of a C-list Spidey villain Swarm. (You know, the Nazi scientist turned into a swarm of bees that wraps itself around a skeleton? Of course you do!) What’s more difficult than dealing with Swarm? How about a Nazi Dinosaur Swarm!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

by Alan Rapp on July 1, 2019

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  • Title: Spider-Man: Far From Home
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Spider-Man: Far From Home movie reviewFollowing the events of Avengers: Endgame, a movie you will definitely want to see before sitting down for this one, Spider-Man: Far From Home centers around Peter Parker (Tom Holland) struggling to fill the void left by Earth’s mightiest heroes while also trying to enjoy his high school class trip to Europe.

There’s quite a bit screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers (both who also helped write Spider-Man: Homecoming) get right. One of the oldest Spidey tropes is Peter Parker being crushed by the responsibility thrust upon him at such a young age. The loss of Iron Man, and expectations for him to grow into “the next Iron Man,” are overwhelming for the teenage super-hero just wanting to protect the neighborhood and find time to admit his feelings to the girl he likes (Zendaya).

The script offers a new threat in elemental monsters from a parallel Earth and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), a hero who has tracked them here. When Peter’s summer trip is hijacked by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) he has no choice but to help Mysterio fight the threat as he struggles with his destiny.

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  • Title: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 7 Little Superheroes
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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends - 7 Little Superheroes TV review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday post takes us back to 80s Saturday morning cartoons and the world of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. One of my favorite episodes of the series borrowed its set-up from an Agatha Christie novel as the Chameleon (Hans Conried) lures seven heroes to a castle on Wolf Island where the super-villain picks them off one by one. In Christie’s original tale part of the mystery centers around the guests starting to believe that one of them is actually the killer. Here writer Doug Booth makes terrific use of the Marvel Comics villain who who has the ability to disguise himself as any character (sowing dissension in the ranks). Along with the Chameleon’s deceptions, the island is also filled with traps, giant robots, and a force field to stop any of the heroes from leaving before our villain has had his fun.

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One Marvelous Scene – Spider-Man: Homecoming

by Alan Rapp on June 12, 2019

in Essays 

Lessons from the Screenplay examines the car ride scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming


The Superior Spider-Man #5

by Alan Rapp on May 1, 2019

in Comics

The Superior Spider-Man #5 comic reviewThere are two stories at play in The Superior Spider-Man #5. The first involves Otto‘s date which goes surprisingly well until a late admission to his true identity. His date doesn’t take things all that well, running out of the apartment to the nearest policeman. However, things take an unusual turn from there as the policemen are revealed to be possessed by some kind of demons which are spreading across the city leading to the unlikely team-up of the Superior Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange arrival on-scene to discover Doctor Octopus dressed as Spider-Man does help get the two off to the best start, but the sorcerer soon discovers that Otto isn’t the immediate problem. Writer Christos Gage goes deep into the MCU vault to pull out Master Pandemonium as the creature responsible for the city’s ills. A living doorway to Hell, the demonic former actor is increasingly dangerous the longer he remains in New York.

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