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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

by Alan Rapp on July 25, 2018

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  • Title: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies movie reviewSince the show’s introduction back in 2013, Teen Titans Go! has met with mixed reaction from fans. Some love the madcap feel of the short adventures while other felt DC strayed too far from the earlier (more serious take) found on the first Teen Titans animated series. Even if the show’s writing has been somewhat inconsistent, I’ve enjoyed my share of Teen Titans Go! and my only real question was whether or not its slapstick style could work stretched out over a feature film? You bet your ass it can.

Full of DC fan references and inside jokes (such as Nicolas Cage playing Superman), the film is a nerdtastic delight.

The movie throws us into a world (not unlike our own) full of super-hero movies. Robin (Scott Menville), the selfish leader of the Teen Titans, desperately wants to join the ranks of Batman, Aquaman, Superman, and the rest of DC’s top heroes who have all earned their own movies. Alas, no one takes the sidekick or his misfit team seriously. The solution? Find an arch-nemesis and convince a studio exec (Kristen Bell) that the Titans are worthy of a movie.

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First Look – Titans

by Alan Rapp on July 22, 2018

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So… this happened. Revealed at SDCC, here’s the first look at the upcoming live-action Titans TV-show (sadly, featuring plenty of examples of why this show was scrapped multiple times before making it to air). The show will premiere on DC’s new subscription service DC Universe and stars (somewhat recognizable) versions of the beloved Teen Titans characters. But not Batman.


Teen Titans Go! – Thanksgetting

by Alan Rapp on November 20, 2017

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Teen Titans Go! - Thanksgetting television review

When his teammates rebel against the traditions of Thanksgiving and attempt to start a new holiday known as Thanksgetting (complete with costumes, bizarre decorations, presents, and not being thankful for anything), it leads to an attack on Titans Tower by the Thanksgiving Turkey. “Thanksgetting” is a bizarre episode that, as usual, focuses on the odd antics of the group, Robin (Scott Menville) taking offense to his team’s opinions and actions, Starfire (Hynden Walch) in a ridiculously-cute cat costume, and one hell of a creepy Frankensteinish Turducken to close out yet another holiday Titans-style. Honestly, I could have done with that last part.

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Teen Titans #13

by Alan Rapp on October 29, 2017

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Teen Titans #13 comic reviewWhile the rest of the Teen Titans go in search for Kid Flash to offer him a spot back on the team, against Damian‘s wishes, the Boy Wonder goes on his own search for a new member to fill the slot vacated when Kid Flash betrayed the Teen Titans and aligned himself with Deathstroke.

The Kid Flash-half of the story shows us that Wallace is still a bit lost and could certainly use the support of a team like the Titans, but despite Damian’s flippant remark about how Starfire should try and lead the time I doubt there’s any change in the Titans being able to meet Kid Flash’s price for returning and get Damain to apologize for kicking Kid Flash off the team.

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Teen Titans #11

by Alan Rapp on August 29, 2017

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Teen Titans #11 comic reviewKaldur’ahm‘s underwater father-son bonding with Black Manta doesn’t go quite according to plan when the super-villain uses the boy to retrieve a weapon to make Black Manta the most powerful super-villain of the seas. Thankfully the Titans arrive in time to offers some back-up and give their friend the encouragement he needs to stand-up to his father and become the new Aqualad.

While not my favorite Teen Titan, Teen Titans #11 works well enough to center the story around the birth of a hero. Choosing his friends over his power-mad father, Aqualad earns his new moniker and spot on the team.

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