The 7th Sword

The 7th Sword #7

by Alan Rapp on February 19, 2015

in Comics

The 7th Sword #7The seven-issue mini-series from writer John Raffo and artist Nur “Popia” Iman comes to a close in The 7th Sword #7 as the reluctant samurai Daniel Cray, after recovering his lost Malathane sword in the desert, chooses to return and fight alongside the small army of ZenZion against the vast array of mutants and mechs under the command of the vicious warlord Kavanaugh.

The final issue of the series doesn’t skimp on action as Cray leads the small force against overwhelming odds leaving broken bots and bodies in their wake. The 7th Sword #7 also delivers on the long-teased fight between Cray and Kavanaugh’s cyborg assassin Superfecta 5 (which takes place over eleven pages with other action mixed in).

With the mini-series coming to a close and Cray choosing to stay in ZenZion I’m not sure whether or not we’ll eventually see further adventures of the space mercenary samurai but for while it lasted The 7th Sword #7 proved to be a fun ride. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

The 7th Sword #2

by Alan Rapp on June 9, 2014

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The 7th Sword #2The recent attack on ZenZion and the death of the city’s leader forces Kathleen to make some hard decisions. First she decides to make a stand against the warlord Kavanaugh. To do that she’ll have to use up the secret cache of weapons her father has been collecting for years including a Hammerhead robot, but more importantly she’ll have to convince the city’s new samurai prisoner to stay and fight by promising to send Daniel Cray back to Earth if he trains the townspeople to stand-up to the warlord.

Building on the first issue, The 7th Sword #2 explains a little more about the Malanthe (the futuristic katana Daniel Cray is an expert in using) and a bit more of Cray’s past and the stigma a samurai has on this outpost world while also foreshadowing the betrayal of ZenZion.

The 7th Sword #2 sets up the arc for the remaining issues of the mini-series with the warrior agreeing to train and fight for ZenZion while teasing the possible romantic entanglement of Cray and Kathleen which might entice the samurai to stay far longer. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

The 7th Sword #1

by Alan Rapp on May 16, 2014

in Comics

The 7th Sword #1Screenwriter John Raffo teams up with artist Nelson Blake II to deliver an intriguing first issue of the new IDW seven-issue mini-series The 7th Sword. Set in the far future on the colony world of Helios, we’re introduced to former United Nations soldier turned samurai Daniel Cray who, as the comic opens, is working as a guard on a Methane shipment through the desert by Mechanoids (robotic warriors with skull heads).

Loosing the shipment, Cray makes his way across the wasteland with the convoy’s only other survivor to awake in the mythical city of ZenZion. Distrustful of outsiders (espically those who worked as soldiers for Earth), and believing Cray to be a spy from the city’s enemy in a greedy warlord named Kavanaugh, the city puts the warrior on trial which Kavanaugh’s real soliders led by the bizarre Superfecta Five interrupt.

Part fantasy, part sci-fi, part western, with swordplay, killer robots and monsters and a reluctant hero all thrown in, The 7th Sword #1 is a strong opening to the series. I’m curious to see more of Cray and his journey. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]