Zorro Rides Again #2

by Alan Rapp on September 7, 2011

in Comics

zorro-rides-again-2-coverMatt Wagner’s take on the classic tale of Zorro continues. Issue three follows three separate storylines. The first is Don Diego’s father still trying to come to terms with knowing his son is Zorro (and assuming shame is the reason why Don Diego has kept this secret from him).

The second is the attempt by the alcade to seize the lands of Don Carlos for his own. The reasons for the alcade’s interest in a very average plot of land are revealed.

And the third is a widow who has become obsessed with Zorro after he saves her but is unable to do the same for her family. How this story will intertwine with the other two will have to be seen.

Wagner weaves these stories together well, and even if this second issue is a little light on action he’s laid the groundwork here for the main threads of his second Zorro series. Worth a look.

[Dynamite, $3.99]


The Death of Zorro #1

by Alan Rapp on April 5, 2011

in Comics

death-of-zorro-1-coverFrom Dynamite Entertainment and writer Ande Parks comes a team-up (of sorts) between two of Dynamite’s biggest stars. Our story begins with an aging Don Diego de la Vega putting on the costume one more time when soldiers attack a nearby mission, and ends when news hits the comic’s other masked man that the hero known as Zorro is dead.

Although I’m not a big fan of Esteve Polls’ art, the issue does have a few things going for it. First, it gives us the Lone Ranger and Zorro in a single comic (although it fails to give us the two of the together in even a single panel, which is a bit of a disappointment). The presentation of Diego’s final battle juxtaposed by the note he left his wife is also a nice touch.

All that said, too much of the issue centers around periphery characters which I doubt will play that big of a role in the rest of the series. As first issues go, especially for a five-issue mini-series, this one needs to deliver more up front. Hit-and-Miss.

[Dynamite, $3.99]


Zorro #8

by Alan Rapp on October 23, 2008

in Comics

  • Title: Zorro #8
  • Comic Vine: link

“In time, even his enemies came to believe in the legend of El Zorro!”

In this eighth issue Matt Wagner wraps up his Zorro “Year One” storyline with the fox confronting Sgt. Gonzalez over his brutality and rescuing the imprisoned Padre Mendoza and other captives.

Unlike the previous issues here the story stays completely in the present without flashbacks to Diego’s childhood or apprenticeship overseas.  Instead we get a strong opening with Diego donning the Zorro costume and plenty of action, sword fights, and a big escape scene showcasing the stealth, brains, and skill of our hero.

With each issue we’ve seen more of Zorro on the page, and here the character dominates, beautifully rendered by Francesco Francavilla.  In terms of both story and style this series has done right to the name and legacy of Zorro.

Those who haven’t been keeping up with this series should peruse the back issues in your local comic shop, or look for the hardcover volume of these first eight issues which is scheduled to hit stores next month.  Zorro rides again, and you don’t want to miss the fun!