Agent X – Fidelity

by Alan Rapp on December 30, 2015

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  • Title: Agent X – Fidelity
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Agent X - Fidelity

Agent X ends its First Season with Volker’s (Andrew Howard) plans revealed. The finale takes John (Jeff Hephner) and Olga (Olga Fonda) to Paris, masquerading as the pair of hitmen Volker sent to finish John off. Their orders lead them to the theater where a ridiculous number of world leaders are gathered together with a pitiful amount of security (so bad no one notices when Volker’s men take off the theater and the guards outside loose all communication to their own men).

While fun, Agent X has a tendency to fall into some very dumb storytelling which is where the finale ends up for most of the episode. While rushed and incomplete, Malcolm’s (Gerald McRaney) subplot allows him to make amends while teasing more story to be mined between John and his former friend. Even if it plays in parts like a braindead 80s action movie, the storyline gives us yet another heroic rescue by our hero, and plenty of time to enjoy seeing John and Olga on-screen together. If John doesn’t yet realize what woman he should actually be with it’s at least comforting to know the show’s writers do.

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