Batman – Fine Feathered Finks / The Penguin’s a Jinx

by Alan Rapp on June 2, 2014

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  • Title: Batman – Fine Feathered Finks / The Penguin’s a Jinx
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“The Batman and the Penguin are going to be partners in plunder.”

Batman - Fine Feathered Finks / The Penguin's in a Jinx

Continuing to take a look back at Batman’s more memorable moments on the big and small screen, the second two-part episode arc of 1966 Batman TV-series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin introduced the world to Burgess Meredith as the Penguin. Complete with cigarette, waddle, and a signature laugh (meant to hide the cough caused from Meredith smoking constantly while in character), Meredith is in fine form in only the first of several appearances over the show’s three series run and feature film.

After his release from prison the Penguin comes up with a plan to get Batman to plan the perfect robbery for him. While creating several high profile but harmless pranks including handling out explosive umbrellas at jewelry stores and banks (without using the distraction to commit a robbery) and dropping a giant umbrella in the middle of the the street the villain hopes to drive the Dynamic Duo batty. Gifting Batman a Batbrella (with a hidden radio transmitter inside) the Penguin listens in as Batman and Robin discuss what the crafty bird must have in store.

Batman - Fine Feathered Finks / The Penguin's in a Jinx

Hoping to place a bug of his own inside the Penguin’s new umbrella factory, Bruce Wayne makes a visit only to be captured and sent into the furnace as “Fine Feathered Finks” comes to an end. Of course Bruce escapes, thanks to the hlpe of a butane lighter, and the Penguin never guesses his true identity (taking him for a spy or rival umbrella maker). Back in the Batcave, guessing the criminal plans to abduct actress Dawn Robbins (Leslie Parrish), in town for her next film, Batman and Robin head to the hotel only to be outfoxed by the Penguin whose inside knowledge allows him to kidnap the star and hold her hostage for a $200,000 ransom.

The episode ends with the Penguin apparently getting the best of Batman and Robin once more by picking up the ransom money at Wayne Manor. Only returning to his lair does the villain discover he’s been duped as the Dynamic Duo take down the Penguin and his cronies in one of the episode’s trademark fight sequences. Inspired in part by Batman #165, the two-parter works as an introduction to one of the series’ most popular villain who gets the best of the Dynamic Duo at several points in the story. Along with the introduction to the Penguin, the two-parter also give us the first appearance of the Batzooka which Batman uses to help the Dynamic Duo scale a tall building.

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