Beware the Batman – Safe

by Alan Rapp on August 5, 2013

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  • Title: Beware the Batman – Safe
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Beware the Batman - Safe

Enter the ninja. When a Wanye Tech scientist who has invented a revolutionary energy redistribution artificial intelligence is targeted by the League of Assassins, Bruce Wayne (Anthony Ruivivar)  puts the man up in the fortress that is Wayne Manor. With the Manor’s defenses, a private security detail, Tatsu (Sumalee Montano), and Alfred (JB Blanc) all on hand to keep the scientist safe, Batman heads out to try and find and stop the illusive ninja.

“Safe” demonstrates just how impregnable Wayne Manor is, but even with the insane amount of security the best money can buy, the episode points out that one is never completely safe. Although she never appears on-screen, we do get the voice of Lady Shiva commanding the ninja, as well as plenty of League of Assassins foot soldiers and Silver Monkey who all make it into Wayne Manor forcing Batman to break into his impregnable home and save the day.

Katana still hasn’t discovered her new boss’ secret, but the episode does open the door to her own past and reveals Tasu as a former member of the League of Assassins who faked her death and abandoned their cause. We also learn that the sword she keeps tucked away in the Manor is a priceless heirloom of the League that Silver Monkey fails to mention to Shiva when he discovers it is still in Katana’s possession.

With several ninja, Silver Monkey, and a motorcycle chase around Gotham, “Safe” certainly raises the bar in terms of action sequences. Although Katana and Batman still have much to learn about each other, Tatsu’s opinion of the Dark Knight Detective (as well as Bruce’s opinion of her) has definitely softened over the opening arc of the series.

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