Bones – The Blood from the Stones

by Alan Rapp on March 27, 2013

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  • Title: Bones – The Blood from the Stones
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Bones - The Blood from the Stones

Working around a documentary crew focusing on Bones (Emily Deschanel) and the team’s work for the Jeffersonian, the team investigates the murder of an undercover cop whose body decomposed in two different micro-climates after being shot twice in the chest (where the team also finds a bag of diamonds the victim swallowed before his death). Unbeknownst to Bones, the Jeffersonian asks Edison (Eugene Byrd) to take part in the documentary, whose sole purpose is to raise money for the institute, in order to “temper Dr. Brennan’s unusual abrasive manner.”

Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) is able to value the diamonds, all of which were stolen and extracted from various rings and necklaces and replaced with glass,  at approximately $200,000. After talking to the diamond store owner (Curtis Armstrong), and the cop’s superior officer (Sherman Augustus), an old friend of Booth (David Boreanaz), and the man’s widow (Erin Cardillo), Booth learns more about the victim and the case he was working which leads Bones and Booth the the discovery of the severed foot of another victim. Angela’s part of the investigation gives the Jeffersonian two new suspects in a pair of college students (Abbie CobbKhleo Thomas), one of whom is missing a left foot.

As Bones’ frustration with the documentarian (Dave Thomas) grows, Caroline (Patricia Belcher) is immediately smitten with the man who returns her feelings and enlists Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) help to learn more about her coworker. When evidence not only points to the fact that their victim may have been a dirty cop but was likely killed by another police officer Booth begins to question whether his friend may be involved, especially after catching up with him throwing the other college student down a flight of stairs while ordering him keep his mouth shut.

The murder of a cop, even a dirty one, raises the tension up a notch outside the lab while back at the Jeffersonian each of the scientists reacts differently to finding themselves on-camera. Thomas and Belcher are an awful lot of fun together and the episode has some standout moments, such as Booth refusing medical treatment for a suspect until she answers his questions and Bones’ realization on how she comes off on camera, that along with the added tension help obscure a relatively weak murder of the week that leaves several questions about the larger diamond smuggling case unanswered (and whose perpetrators are still not caught as the episode comes to an end).

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