Breaking In – Who’s the Boss?

by Alan Rapp on March 14, 2012

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  • Title: Breaking In – Who’s the Boss?
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Veronica’s (Megan Mullally) first order of business now that she’s taken charge of the company is to bring in some more paying customers. Unfortunately for Oz (Christian Slater), Cameron (Bret Harrison), and Cash (Alphonso McAuley) this means her attempt to nix Contra working their annual pro-bono contract for Maxim magazine.

In order to get out of work and attend the Maxim shindig, the team tricks Molly (Erin Richards) into doing the their job for them by going over the hours of casino footage all night as they party it up. After learning the truth she’s devastated after believing she was finally fitting in. She also has to deal with Melanie’s (Odette Annable) obvious hostility towards her for being the new attractive girl in the office.

The episode has its moments and the actors are likable enough even if the writing isn’t as polished as I’d like. The hand signals the team uses to communicate are fun, as well as giving Molly a chance to show off how observant she is in quickly picking them up and calling them on it. I was less impressed with Veronica’s attempt to show dominance at the Maxim party by strapping on the diamond brassiere.

Although it’s far too short, I did like the scenes at the end between Molly and Cameron as he apologizes for the team using  her. I like her character, and by showcasing her obvious talent (she solves the case they were paid for why everyone is living it up) it shows she should fit in with this band of misfits, or as Cameron calls the “freaks” soon enough.

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