Burn Notice – Fail Safe

by Alan Rapp on December 18, 2011

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Fail Safe
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While Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) finds himself with a new assignment for Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile) heading up a team (Kristanna LokenDean CainCoby Bell) and taking down a spy recruiter (Eric Roberts), Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) search for the evidence that will loosen Anson’s (Jere Burns) hold over Fi before he can complete his plans to put together the covert organization that burned Michael Weston and launched the series.

The two stories converge when Sam and Fi’s mission goes up in flames (literally) and Anson gives Michael an ultimatum: either Michael burns his new spy team and puts them to work for Anson or Anson turns his evidence linking Fi to the explosion over to the police.

Running out of time and options Michael is forced into a corner knowing whatever he chooses to do Anson wins. Thankfully, or unfortunately from Michael’s point of view, someone else takes the situation out of his control as the Fifth Season finale sees the Burn Notice team lose one of its core members.

Michael will cross a line to protect the woman he loves but Anson’s treachery putting Jesse’s life in danger forces his hand. The mission is a success, but Anson and Michael’s partnership disintegrates and Fiona is left to make the only move that she can to save the man she loves. We’ll have to wait until next summer to find out what role Fi will continue to play in Michael’s life but all accounts point to Anwar returning for Season Six so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Michael’s crazy Irish bomb maker.

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