Burn Notice – Over the Line

by Alan Rapp on November 18, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Over the Line
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Picking up right where last week’s two-hour premiere left off, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) must face the consequences of killing Card (John C. McGinley) as he and Sam (Bruce Campbell) try to to escape the building before the CIA’s full tactical team led by Olivia Riley (Sonja Sohn) discover Card and Gray’s (Seth Peterson) bodies and begin searching for the killer. Although Michael is able to make his own exit, the CIA finger him as the shooter and Sam gets pinched before he can make a clean getaway.

With Sam in custody Agent Riley begins her manhunt for Michael, Fi (Gabrielle Anwar), and Jesse (Coby Bell). Not willing to let Sam take the fall for his actions, Michael gathers the team together to spring their friend from CIA custody with a sniper rifle and several heavy explosives as Madeline (Sharon Gless) gets a call from local police wanting to know if she’s heard from her son.

When their plan falls apart at the last-minute Michael offers himself up as bait using an old friend (Arturo Rossi) as a distraction and giving Fi and Jesse one last chance to save Sam. Even after their plans are successful the four are now fugitives on the run from the United States Government, with one ticked off special agent in charge of hunting them down. “Over the Line” certainly doesn’t try to weasel out of the consequences of Michael’s actions as the entire team goes on the run (for at least the rest of the season).

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