Burn Notice – Scorched Earth

by Alan Rapp on June 16, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice– Scorched Earth
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With Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) trapped, blackmailed by Anson (Jere Burns), Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) did the only thing she could to save the man she loved – turned herself in to the FBI for the crime Anson framed her for. With Fi behind bars and Anson on the run, Michael throws all caution to the wind, ignoring Sam’s (Bruce Campbell) advice, to take revenge on the man who took the woman he loved before he disappears for good.

As Michael and Sam chase down Anson, they call on Jesse’s (Coby Bell) help to stop the psychotic killer Anson has sent after Madeline (Sharon Gless). Meanwhile Fi finds herself in an interrogation room with an incredibly uncooperative Agent Bly (Alex Carter) who uses every tactic at his disposal to try and get Fi to incriminate Michael in the bombing, including trying to convince her that Michael Westen is dead.

An out of control Michael Westen makes for an intriguing figure (at one point he even pulls a gun on Sam), but despite proving to Agent Pierce (Lauren Stamile) and the CIA that Anson is a dangerous threat, Michael is forced to let the man escape, and with him any hope of proving Fi’s innocence, in order to save his friends.

As season premieres go “Scorched Earth” mainly picks up the pieces left from last season’s finale, but also lays the groundwork for what appears to be the main storyline for this season – the search for Anson. An Anson on the run looks to be far dangerous than the man slowly rebuilding the group that burned Michael. It will be interesting to see how long the search for Anson takes, and how long Fi remains in prison, whether it will just be an opening arc or, more likely, if the story will played out over the entire season.

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