Burn Notice – Shock Wave

by Alan Rapp on July 29, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Shock Wave
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Burn Notice - Shock Wave

Now armed with the information from Rebecca (Kristanna Loken) Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) sets off  to capture Anson (Jere Burns) as the final step to procure Fiona’s (Gabrielle Anwar) release from prison. Although Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile) agrees to give Michael the resources needed to trap Anson she does so with two conditions: 1. She, not Michael runs the show, and 2. No Sam (Bruce Campbell).

With Pearce, Jesse (Coby Bell), and Nate (Seth Peterson) in tow, Michael heads to Atlantic City while Sam and Maddie (Sharon Gless) get an unexpected visit from Barry (Paul Tei) who is running from some very pissed off arms dealers Fi burned as part of her deal with the CIA. Before accepting a deal for FBI protection Barry needs Sam’s help to retrieve some personal files to keep his close friends (like Sam, Michael, and Fiona) out of jail.

While retrieving the files Sam and Barry find themselves surrounded by one angry arms dealer (William Mapother) and three goons forcing Sam to come up with some Michael Weston magic on his own to save both their necks by creating homemade smoke bombs and a grenade launcher out of beer cans, bacon grease, and whatever else they can find lying around.

An agent from MI6 (Ward G. Smith) intent on Fiona staying in prison plans a public interrogation which would to expose Fi’s family back home to danger unless she tears up the CIA deal and remains in prison. Fi convinces Ayn (Zabryna Guevara) to help hide her for a day, giving her just enough wiggle room for Michael to capture Anson and arrange her release. But while Michael manages to get Anson and free Fiona it’s not without great personal cost as one member of his family won’t make it home.

“Shock Wave” is a strong episode that showcases the skills of Michael’s friends, especially Sam who is forced out his usual role as comedic relief and support and proves he really is, as Michael puts it, “as good as I am (and he accepts domestic beer as payment).” With quite a few loose ends left hanging there will be plenty for an extremely pissed off Michael to do over the rest of the season, starting next week.

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