Burn Notice – Things Unseen

by Alan Rapp on August 17, 2013

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Things Unseen
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Burn Notice - Things Unseen

Michael‘s (Jeffrey Donovan) loyalties are put to the test when he’s sent to the Canary Islands with Sonia (Alona Tal) to kill and old friend (Sebastian Roché) who has snooping around Michael’s ties to James‘ (John Pyper-Ferguson) organization. Unable to warn his friend or get Agent Strong (Jack Coleman) to step in and spirit Steele to safety, Michael has to decide just how far he’s willing to go to protect his cover. When the first attempt fails, Michael has to do whatever it takes to stop Sonia’s men from leveling the entire compound with a drone strike, even if the mean’s agreeing to lure his friend into the open and finish the job with a single shot from a sniper rifle.

In the episode’s B-story Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell), and Jesse‘s (Coby Bell) try to help Carlos (Stephen Martines) with old gang members who have been hassling his mother and an old enemy named Nando (Jesse Borrego) looking for revenge for Carlos’ testimony that put the gangbanger away for the better part of a decade. Needing the help of Carlos’ old friend Lloyd (Raheem Babalola) to testify, the group enlists the help of Maddie (Sharon Gless) to convince the scared young man to do the right thing. Things get more complicated than expected with Carlos’ cop buddy (Aerica D’Amaro) turns out to be the one who sold him out and is working with Nando to make sure the witness turns up dead.

Out of options, Fi turns to Michael and Sonia for help to rescue Carlos before Nando finishes torturing Fi’s boyfriend to death. Although the plan is successful, it adds yet another body to Michael’s tally plus seven more murders in Colombia which we’re necessary to put the pressure on a supplier further up the line to guarantee Carlos, Fiona, and Michael all walked out of their meeting with the drug dealer alive. Carlos and our cast of regulars all survive, but the costs are high. Fi’s relationship with Carlos ends, Fi is now in Sonia’s debt, and Michael must shoulder the burden of Steele’s murder. As the countdown to the show’s finale has begun, it’s not only Michael we need to worry about be dragged in to James’ machinations but his friends as well.

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