Castle – Disciple

by Alan Rapp on November 19, 2013

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“Don’t chase ghosts.”

Castle - Disciple

Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) investigate an odd case of murder involving a former hooker who someone went out of the way to make a spitting image of Lanie (Tamala Jones) down to cheek implants and her three-month-old hip tattoo. As Beckett and Castle hit a dead end talking to the woman’s plastic surgeon (Annie Wersching), Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) run down a lead Tory Ellis (Maya Stojan) was able to pull from the dead woman’s camera only to discover a second victim hung with fishing line who was taking lessons from a speech therapist (Jim Holmes) to sound, as well as look, exactly like Esposito.

Beckett likes the plastic surgeon for the murders after finding a connection between her and both victims, but after she alibis out suspicion falls on a security guard (William Mapother) who found the first victim and whose car was seen picking up the second victim on the night of his death. Despite the growing amount of evidence, Castle suspects an old enemy is actually the brains behind the entire twisted scenario. His suspicions are confirmed when Beckett discovers Lanie’s doppelganger checked out all 3XK (Michael Mosley) files and medical records out of evidence before she was killed.

Although they get a full confession from the security guard for his murders, the man refuses to admit any connection to Tyson. However, Ryan’s digging into Tyson’s prison record finds a connection between 3XK and the plastic surgeon who disappears before before being arrested, but not before leaving one final present for Beckett and Castle. Although he doesn’t make a direct appearance in the episode, Tyson’s prints are all over the bizarre murders and I’d suspect we won’t have to wait very long for him to make good on his promise to see Castle and Beckett again.

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