Castle – Eye of the Beholder

by Alan Rapp on October 18, 2011

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  • Title: Castle – Eye of the Beholder
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When a $50 million sculpture is stolen and a museum curator is found dead Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) find themselves on the trail of a nefarious art thief known only as Falco. The investigation is complicated by an insurance investigator (Kristin Lehman) who insinuates herself into the case. The fact that she and Castle have a little chemistry doesn’t make Beckett happy either.

The search for the killer leads the show through its regular twists and turns including the discovery that the insurance investigator is a former art thief and had met with the murder victim only days before his death.

Beckett’s initial discomfort at the possibility of seeing Castle and this woman together gives the show another opportunity to give us a scene between the detective and her shrink (Michael Dorn) who offers a succinct question straight to the heart of the Beckett/Castle relationship. Is Beckett afraid Castle won’t wait for her, or afraid he will?

Bringing things full circle, once the killer is behind bars, the show ends with a pair of nice scenes, the first between Castle and the departing thief turned insurance investigator who knows enough not to try something that doesn’t belong to her, and the second between our two leads who leave the station together for a late night supper.

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