Castle – Flowers for Your Grave

by Alan Rapp on March 10, 2009

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  • Title: Castle – Flowers for Your Grave
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Nathan Fillion‘s new show premiered last night on ABC. In Castle Fillion stars as a mystery/crime novelist who gets called into help the police when a killer begins recreating some of the deaths from the writer’s book. Stana Katic (who you might remember as a cop from The Spirit) plays the detective saddled with fun-loving, and well-schooled, writer.

It’s bit rough in spots (it is a pilot, after all), but it shows some promise and I like the interaction between the two leads (though I’d be perfectly happy if they got rid of the annoying mother played by Susan Sullivan). And, although I think the scene was a little too cute, I give props to Seven J. Cannell and James Patterson showing up as themselves. The true test is whether it can become something more than just another unlikely buddy cop show and how smart the weekly mysteries (those not inspired by the author’s books) turn out to be. Hopefully it will stay on TV at least longer than Fillion’s last series (which was gone so fast I never even knew it existed).

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