Castle – Need to Know

by Alan Rapp on October 8, 2013

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  • Title: Castle – Need to Know
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Castle - Need to Know

With his girlfriend stuck in D.C., Castle (Nathan Fillion) decides to horn in on case of a murdered former child star, but when Beckett (Stana Katic) and McCord (Lisa Edelstein) show up to claim jurisdiction, along with a CIA Agent (James Patrick Stuart) who shows up looking into the death of his asset who was helping him track down smuggled Russian arms, things get complicated. Given that the murder investigation threatens to bring too much attention to an ongoing CIA investigation, Beckett and McCord are ordered to close the case and return to Washington with the murder still unsolved.

Continuing the investigation on their own with the help of Beckett’s flash drive, the boys talk with the reunion show’s producer (Alan Blumenfeld) and a former co-star (Antonio Sabato Jr.) who got into a fight with the dead man shortly before he found himself impaled on a industrial crane. They also discover the dead man’s new co-star (Emily Baldoni) and niece to the Russian gun runner who knew the truth about her boyfriend spying for the CIA.

Eventually the NYPD catches the murderer, but Beckett’s rule breaking to get both victims of the crime the justice they deserve does not go unnoticed by Beckett’s bosses. As the episode comes to a close Kate finds herself fired from the AG’s office and unemployed as the season finally begins moving the homicide detective back into the NYPD family where she belongs.

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