Charlie’s Angels – The Mexican Connection

by Alan Rapp on August 28, 2018

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  • Title: Charlie’s Angels – The Mexican Connection
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Charlie's Angels - The Mexican Connection TV review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the tale of three beautiful former police detectives turned private detectives working for a faceless boss known as Charlie. Looking into a crashed plane, the Angels take on case involving drug smuggling over the Mexican border and a brewing drug war that brought the plane down. Sabrina (Kate Jackson goes in undercover as a stewardess and Jill (Farrah Fawcett) as the new swim coach for the daughter of local drug lord (Cesare Danova). Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) enters the scene as a schoolteacher on holiday who catches the drug kingpin’s eye enabling all three to insinuate themselves into the man’s life.

The discovery of wine bottles used to smuggle the heroin in provides a crucial piece of evidence, but when Jill is captured and has to pretend to be working for the rival drug lord the Angels are forced to act quickly to snag not one cartel leader but two. “The Mexican Connection” features a couple of twists including Jill’s quick-thinking and the other Angels ability to back-up her play, and Sabrina’s disappointment when she guesses the real identity (Edward Power) of the rival drug lord.

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