Charlie’s Angels – The Vegas Connection

by Alan Rapp on May 26, 2020

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  • Title: Charlie’s Angels – The Vegas Connection
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Charlie's Angels - The Vegas Connection television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the tale of three beautiful former police officers turned private detectives working for a faceless boss known as Charlie. The unusual behavior of a client’s wife (Carla Borelli) leads them to a Las Vegas casino and an unscrupulous employee (Michael Callan) turning chorus girls into prostitutes and blackmailing the casino’s wealthiest and most well-known clients. Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) is the only one of the Angels to go undercover as a chorus girl willing to do what it takes to earn the job. Bosley (David Doyle) also breaks out his heavy Texas accent as a high roller and potential target for their blackmailer. As for Jill (Farrah Fawcett), she has a harrowing run-in with one of the blackmailer’s thugs in the casino’s parking lot that some quick thinking, fast driving, and the unexpected use of her purse help her survive.

Brooke Bundy guest-stars as another of the chorus girls feeling the pressure of her boss who keeps the dancers needy and willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Along with an account of her own experiences of prostitution to the Angels, the episode also offers a sweet moment between Elsbeth and Bosley. Despite his many crimes, the Angels can find little to use to put the blackmailer away. In order to get their hands on his blackmail material, the Angels turn to hardball by showing the casino owner how he has been slowly robbing the business of thousands of dollars. The episode is a bit unclear whether or not he actually was responsible for the crimes, or whether that was a complete fabrication by Sabrina (Kate Jackson), but either way it serves the purpose to get him on the run… where the Angels retrieve the blackmail materials and leave him to the mercy of the casino’s thugs to take an appropriate manner of justice (in one of the Angels’ more ruthless execution of justice).

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