Clipped – Go Below

by Alan Rapp on July 1, 2015

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  • Title: Clipped – Go Below
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Clipped - Go Below

The possible romantic relationship between Danni (Ashley Tisdale) and A.J. (Mike Castle) which has been teased since the show’s “Pilot” takes center stage as a resurgence in feelings for her co-worker leads Danni to make a series of bad decisions starting with inventing an attraction between A.J. and Charmaine (Diona Reasonover) that doesn’t exist and ending with a second one-night stand with A.J. that leaves her even further from the relationship she obviously wants.

Questionable impulsive action is the theme for the B-story of “Go Below” as well as a lonely Ben (Ryan Pinkston) sleeps with Rosalee Doyle (Lisa Schurga) leading to some awkward moments in the barbershop. Although it’s the B-story that gives the episode its title, Danni and A.J.’s story is the more memorable of the pair as it more explicitly lays out Danni’s feelings for A.J. and his oblivious nature to them.

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