Continuum – Second Truths

by Alan Rapp on July 14, 2013

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  • Title: Continuum – Second Truths
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“My name is Kiera Cameron and I came here from the year 2077…”

Continuum - Second Truths

Kiera‘s (Rachel Nichols) life gets even more complicated when Carlos (Victor Webster) begins an investigation into the case of a serial killer (Paul Jarrett) whose murders continued up until 2018 and were still unsolved in 2077. Even with remembering only vague aspects of the case she studied from the future, Kiera has no explanation for the incredibly accurate guesses which leads to the arrest of the killer and the rescue of his latest intended victim (Kimberly Sustad).

Realizing that Carlos deserves the truth, and that there is a second killer still on the loose that must be found, Kiera comes clean to her partner about her role as a time traveling cop. Not surprisingly, Carlos takes more than a little convincing, but in that time Kiera nearly becomes the next victim of the serial killer’s accomplice (Michael Teigen). Rescued by some quick thinking and the eventual arrival of Carlos, a shaken Kiera comes clean about her entire story to her partner including her fears that every move she makes alters the timeline in incalculable ways perhaps even going so far to change her timeline, or even prevent it from ever beginning.

In the episode’s B-story Alec (Erik Knudsen) makes dinner for Emily (Magda Apanowicz) in his secret lab, but their night is cut short by the the appearance of an angered Kellog (Stephen Lobo) who runs into a bit of bad luck himself when he looses the eventual creator (Peter Benson) of a priceless future technology to the mysterious Mr. Escher (Hugh Dillon) who makes Kiera a similar offer of friendship.

The final arrival of Escher, whose mere name sends shivers down Kellogg’s spine, along with Kiera coming clean to Carlos about her history, and the circumstances that led her to being trapped in the past, means serious changes are in order for the show’s status quo over the second half of the show’s Second Season. The reveal of Emily working for someone (likely Liber8 or Escher) is far from surprising and I would have preferred her to just be an attractive young girl rather than an agent with an agenda concerning Alec and the technology he will invent to change the world. Although the circumstances warrant a breakdown by Kiera, her meldown in the show’s final moments is too much coming on the heels of two far more dramatic storylines involving the death of a former partner and the near loss of her job, memory of her son, and very identity.

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