Covert Affairs – Dead

by Alan Rapp on October 20, 2013

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Covert Affairs - Dead

After faking her death to go off the grid, Annie (Piper Perabo) heads to Switzerland with a new passport, a new hairdo, and a new deep cover mission which begins with getting close to Jai’s mother (Seeta Indrani), Henry Wilcox‘s (Gregory Itzin) ex-wife. First starting a friendship with the woman at a support group for those who have tragically lost loved ones and then getting a job in her husband’s (Mike Dopud) firm Annie works her way into the woman’s life. Things do get a little complicated when the man Henry hired to destroy the helicopter and frame Teo (Manolo Cardona) for the crime shows up on the other side of a conference table.

After subduing Henry’s man (Aidan Devine) before he can report back that Ms. Walker is still alive, Annie has to get his unconscious body out of the building when she is caught by Sana who already suspected something fishy about Annie’s cover story. With Sana’s help, Annie gets the man back to her apartment and begins torturing the man for information but things quickly spin out of control.

In D.C. Joan (Kari Matchett) remains at the CIA under reduced role in “Crate Management,” Auggie (Christopher Gorham)  is reassigned, Calder (Hill Harper) is the DPD’s new golden boy, and power has shifted to the official leadership of Braithwaite (Craig Eldridge), and the not inconsequential influence of Wilcox. Arthur (Peter Gallagher) is allowed to return home under house arrest while awaiting trial for his connection with Teo Bragga and the ALC.

“Dead” certainly kicks off the last-half of Season Four into high gear with a more hardened Annie working completely cut-off from everyone she knows. The torture scene and the eventual killing of Henry’s man remind us just how far Ms. Walker is willing to go to stop Henry Wilcox, clear her name as a disgraced dead spy, restore her friends’ position in the CIA, and resume her life. I’m not sure just how Sana fits into those plans, but I’m willing to wait and see how things play out from here.

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