Covert Affairs – I’ve Been Waiting for You

by Alan Rapp on September 4, 2013

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  • Title: Covert Affairs – I’ve Been Waiting for You
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Covert Affairs - I've Been Waiting for You

With the help of  Auggie‘s (Christopher Gorham) new Hummingbird program, Annie (Piper Perabo) tracks down Teo (Manolo Cardona) in Scotland to convince the terrorist to meet face-to-face with Arthur (Peter Gallagher) and help turn Teo’s colleague (Juan Riedinger) the CIA has in custody. When Joan (Kari Matchett) can’t stop Calder Michaels (Hill Harper) from digging into Annie’s connection to Teo she transfers Annie out of the DPD.

Unable to get answers about Annie or Teo, Calder reaches out a friend to find out about terrorist the CIA has in custody which puts Annie’s mission in jeopardy and gives Teo just enough information  to send him after Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin), who he learns funded the terrorist attack that killed his mother, before everything goes straight to hell. The season certainly heats up as Calder, unable to get his hands on Annie, turns his attention to Auggie who he finds in possession of the Newman’s flash drive and the answers to questions Calder has been seeking for months.

“I’ve Been Waiting For You” continues the tension-filled Fourth Season and provides a pair of quiet moments in the middle of the storm between estranged father/son Arthur and Teo as well as a great scene between Teo and Joan the night before the mission. Moving forward to the last two episodes before its mid-season hiatus with Auggie in hot water and Teo turned into a loaded gun pointed straight at Henry Wilcox, not to mention the foreshadowed bad end for Miss Walker, there’s certainly quite a few knots for Annie to untangle if she hopes to beat Henry and get out of this mess with both she, and her boyfriend, still breathing.

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