Covert Affairs – Let’s Dance

by Alan Rapp on September 20, 2012

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Covert Affairs

While recuperating Annie (Piper Perabo) comes up with a risky plan to find Lena (Sarah Clarke) who the CIA believes has fled to Moscow. Still not cleared for field duty, willing to take far too many risks, and emotionally volatile following Simon’s (Richard Coyle) death, neither Arthur (Peter Gallagher) nor Joan (Kari Matchett) can approve her plan. Joan, realizing there’s no way she can stop Annie from going on her own, approves her mission up to and only finding proof that Lena is in Russia.

After arriving in Moscow Annie seeks out a former FSB agent (David O’Hara) with a complicated history with Lena who she hopes can point her in the direction of the woman who has taken from them both. Rebuffed, Annie continues to train and return to the music store in which the man now works every day until he agrees to help.

Annie’s plan to trap Lena blows up in her face and although she’s able to make it out alive with the help of her new Russian friend, back in Washington the shit his the fan as Joan is approached by an agent (Tim Griffin) of the OIG about the CIA’s unsanctioned operation in Moscow. Auggie (Christopher Gorham) begs Annie to return home, but with one final lead, and the help of Simon’s sister (Agnes Bruckner), Annie finally gets her face-to-face meeting with the woman who betrayed her and left her for dead.

The show continues to play on the increased emotional Annie/Auggie dynamic left-over from the last episode. And in an episode with our main character set in full-on revenge mode, the show still finds moments, such as Annie talking with Simon’s sister, to showcase Annie’s humanity and remind us why we root for the lovely Ms. Walker. Annie may not get the answers she was after (except for Lena’s crazy-bad-guy speech and job offer), but she does get justice. Now she just has to make it out of Russia alive. It will be interesting to see how many of the remaining episodes will focus on Annie’s long road home when Covert Affairs returns in four weeks.

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