Covert Affairs – Levitate Me

by Alan Rapp on September 18, 2013

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  • Title: Covert Affairs – Levitate Me
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Covert Affairs - Levitate Me

News of Teo’s (Manolo Cardona) death, and that the terrorist people believe is responsible for the attack in Denmark is Arthur‘s (Peter Gallagher) son, leaves Arthur under military arrest, Joan (Kari Matchett) relieved of her duties and hospitalized with stress-caused pregnancy complications, and Annie hunted and alone in the cold in Germany. That doesn’t stop our heroine from setting out to take down Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) and get some justice for her fallen friend. Thankfully Annie still has some friends in the CIA including Auggie (Christopher Gorham) who, despite still being under review, ropes Barber (Dylan Taylor) and another tech into getting Annie the intel she needs to find out what Henry was doing in Frankfurt in the hours leading up the attack.

Still seeking answers only Annie can provide, Calder (Hill Harper) heads overseas to work with the exfil team whose leader (Sergio Di Zio) he personally selects to track down Annie and bring her home (whether she wants to go or not). When Calder’s friend turns up dead while pursing Annie things take a decidedly dark turn for the worse especially after Auggie discovers Henry has been brought in to consult for the CIA during the transition and complete his opportunity to paint Annie as a traitor.

With local police and her own colleagues hunting her down, and with Auggie thrown out of Langley after attacking Henry in the middle of the DPD, Annie has no choice but to trust Calder Michaels as the season comes full circle by giving context to season’s opening scene and an elevator shoot-out that leaves Annie Walker dead to the world but also brought back to life by an old friend (Oded Fehr) as the show heads into a month-long hiatus before returning with the season’s remaining six episodes and a new look and identity for the former CIA spy once known as Annie Walker. Yeah, that’s a pretty damn good mid-season cliffhanger.

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