Danger Man – The Island

by Alan Rapp on October 30, 2018

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  • Title: Danger Man – The Island
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Danger Man - The Island television review

Our Throwback Tuesday post takes us back into the Cold War spycraft of Danger Man. The transportation of two assassins (Allan Cuthbertson and Peter Stephens) back to the United States is complicated by the spoiled daughter (Ann Firbank) of the airline’s owner who forces her way onto Drake‘s (Patrick McGoohan) charter flight and inadvertantly allows the prisoners to crash the aircraft in mid-flight. Stranded on an island with only a single inhabitant (Michael Ripper) who the assassins reach first and are able to turn to their side, things don’t look good for our hero.

“The Island” is a bit limited by the amount of story it wants to tell in such a short period. There’s enough here for a full hour, but events get squeezed to fit into the half-hour format. Given that so much time takes place prior to the crash, events on the island feel rushed. That said, Cuthbertson and Stephens are well-cast as the menacing killers who are able to charm both the spoiled rich girl and the island hermit, nearly earning their freedom.

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