Danger Man – The Traitor

by Alan Rapp on September 11, 2018

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  • Title: Danger Man – The Traitor
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Danger Man - The Traitor television review

Our Throwback Thursday post takes us back into the Cold War spycraft of Danger Man. Drake (Patrick McGoohan) travels to Kashmir following an agent hoping to catch who the man will pass his information. When the contact turns out to be a wealthy Englishwoman (Barbara Shelley), Drake befriends the woman’s husband (Ronald Howard) earning him a dinner invitation in the couple’s mountain home. Although the couple welcomes him with open arms, it soon becomes a question of whether Drake is the predator or the prey.

It turns out that Mr. Goddard originally worked for the Indian Government but was jailed for passing information. Although eventually pardoned, the traitor still suffering from medical condition caused during his prison stay. Drake’s sense of duty and justice forces the Goddards to leave the mountain retreat, but the man’s failing health never allows him to see the plane, or justice. While a traitor, Goddard takes no action against Drake, nor does he allow either his wife or manservant to do any harm to the NATO agent. “The Traitor” is an interesting episode with any winners as Drake’s actions only lead to death and disappointment for all concerned.

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