Danger Man – The Trap

by Alan Rapp on February 25, 2020

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  • Title: Danger Man – The Trap
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Danger Man - The Trap television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back into the Cold War spycraft of Danger Man. When Beth Warren (Jeanne Moody), an American cipher working in the London Embassy, leaves the country against protocol and without any notification other than a quickly scribbled not to her roommate, John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) is sent to Venice to investigate whether the woman has been compromised. What he finds is Beth looking after her fiance (Noel Trevarthen) and his mother (Marie Burke) who are mourning a recent tragedy in the family. Although the trap takes some time before it is sprung, far east of Venice where Beth travels with her fiance to recover his brother’s body, Drake’s suspicions prove to be well-founded as he barely manages to save both his life and that of the cipher before she is lost behind the Iron Curtain.

“The Trap” is notable for Drake, like Beth Warren, being fooled. Despite his initial suspicions, his recommendation to London is that Beth Warren be allowed to remain in Venice for the remainder of her holiday as long as she checks in daily with the embassy. It’s only the group leaving Venice without warning that sets off the spy’s alarm bells, although even that is not enough to alert the naive cipher about how much danger she is in until is almost too late.

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