Dragons: Race to the Edge – Imperfect Harmony

by Alan Rapp on July 9, 2015

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  • Title: Dragons: Race to the Edge – Imperfect Harmony
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Dragons: Race to the Edge - Imperfect Harmony

With the unexpected approval of his father, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his friends embark past the known world of the Archipelago to find the unknown lands hinted at in the maps contained inside the Dragon Eye. The group’s first journey takes them to an island controlled by a Death Song whose mesmerizing call and fast-drying amber breath is the perfect method for luring in and capturing dragons just like the ones Hiccup and his friends have brought to the island.

Once his friends get caught in the same unbreakable substance as their dragons, Hiccup is forced to rely on the help of the near-deaf Thunderdrum whose poor hearing is the only thing which has stopped the surly dragon from falling under the Death Song’s spell. “Imperfect Harmony” begins the journey of the young riders away from Birk for an extending period of time (perhaps the entire series?). While offering several examples of the (mostly playful) infighting among the group the episode also demonstrates their teamwork and ability to work together to save themselves and their dragons. Not surprising, as there is an entire season of episodes, the riders refuse to return home after their latest brush with danger and instead head back into the great unknown to see what new kinds of trouble they can find.

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