Eureka – Pilot

by Alan Rapp on June 30, 2016

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Eureka - Pilot

The audience is introduced to the sleepy northwestern town of Eureka through the eyes of U.S. Marshall Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) who stumbles on the town while dragging his willful teenage daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) back home to her mother. Stranded until his car can be fixed, Carter can’t help but notice the odd occurrences in the town or become curious about the bizarre happenings. The Syfy Channel would offer five years of such odd happenings with events beginning here in Eureka‘s “Pilot” episode.

At first, the town’s sheriff (Maury Chaykin), deputy Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra), and an agent of the Department of Defense named Alison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) all attempt to keep the town’s secrets from the Marshall. However, when the sheriff is injured in another incident, there is no choice put to tell Jack the truth about Eureka and ask for his help. Inhabited almost entirely by scientific geniuses who work for an advanced research group called Global Dynamics, Eureka is responsible for every major technological advancement in the modern age. With one of their experiments gone haywire, Alison and the town will need Jack’s help before the town is destroyed by the results or disbanded by a U.S. Army general who wants nothing more than to shut the troublesome town down.

Along with introducing us to Jack, his daughter,the town, and a few of its more colorful members, the show’s “Pilot” takes time to set-up a few basic ideas which will become important over the show’s run. First, Eureka is a town where anything can happen (and usually does). Second, there are forces inside the town working against the greater good. And third, despite not being a genius, Jack’s unique skill-set makes him the perfect candidate for the town’s new sheriff. He may not always understand the science of a particular problem, but that won’t deter him from his duty. By the end of the “Pilot” the town has it’s sheriff and now the fun can truly begin.

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