Futurama – 31st Century Fox

by Alan Rapp on August 31, 2012

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  • Title: Futurama – 31st Century Fox
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Despite his recent interest in fox hunting Bender (John Di Maggio) becomes incensed after he discovers the hunters (led by guest-star Patrick Stewart) are actually hunting a robotic fox for sport. When his attempts to end robot cruelty and help Leela (Katey Sagal) protest the hunt fail, Bender decides to step in and rescue the fox. But Bender’s plan backfires when he finds himself the subject of the latest hunt.

As Bender tries to stay alive, the Planet Express crew discover the robotic fox is a lot less cute than they originally believed and after it destroys a few of their precious possessions. The crew collectively decide to start doing a little hunting of their own (while offering very obvious FOX News puns that are far less clever than I’m assuming they were meant to be). The final last-second twist is more than a little awkward as well, but “31st Century Fox” does delivers some fun moments.

The best sequence of the episode comes at the very beginning and involves the Planet Express crew shopping for new uniforms. Despite the fact that they never had old uniforms until this episode, the sequence is full of fun sci-fi nods including costumes from Dune, Star Wars (Zoid Trooper!), the original Star Trek, and Zardoz.

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