Graceland – Smoke Alarm

by Alan Rapp on August 18, 2013

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  • Title: Graceland – Smoke Alarm
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Graceland - Smoke Alarm

After years of waiting, and months of careful planning, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) finally gets his wish when the Carza Cartel’s enforcer Jangles hits town and begins killing local drug dealers searching for the mysterious Odin. Mike (Aaron Tveit) is a little less happy with the news once Bello’s (Gbenga Akinnagbe) men start showing up butchered by the Caza’s enforcer and Bello begins arming his soldiers with automatic rifles and preparing for an all-out war.

After turning his back on Agent Badillo (Pedro Pascal), who blames Briggs for the death of his friend and the loss of the first undercover house before Graceland (and is unable to even entertain the idea that Briggs might be innocent), Mike hunkers down with Bello and his top men in a safe house. However, it turns out nowhere is safe from Jangles.

The episode’s B-story continues Charlie‘s (Vanessa Ferlito) search to find a link between Briggs and Odin which ruins Briggs attempt at a trap from the killer and puts Charlie in danger when she begins working with a Mexican officer (Vincent Laresca) searching for Odin who is much more closely involved in the case than she would ever guess.

The episode ends with an injured and doped-up Mike confessing his undercover assignment to Paige (Serinda Swan), who doesn’t take he news all that well, and Badillo’s odd maneuver to try and force a drunken confession out of Briggs by dressing up as Jangles and confronting his suspect on the beach. The first works better than the second, but both leave plenty of fallout for the final three episodes of the show’s First Season.

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