Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Loss

by Alan Rapp on January 26, 2013

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  • Title: Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Loss
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Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Loss

The signing of the peace treaty between the Guardians of the Universe and the Red Lantern Corps sends Hal Jordan (Josh Keaton), Kilowog (Kevin Michael Richardson), Aya (Grey DeLisle), and Razer (Jason Spisak) back to the Red Lantern homeworld of Ysmault, but before returning the crew of the Interceptor make a short stop on Razer’s former homeworld.

On arriving on Ysmault, Jordan and his crew learn that a malfunctioning Manhunter is operational on the planet. With the precarious nature of the peace treaty and the fact that the Manhunters were responsible for the the attack which crippled Ysmault generations ago the Guardians have decided not to tell their new allies that their former robot soldiers are active again and under the sole control of the Anti-Monitor.

The Science Director (Sarah Douglas) orders the Lanterns to find and destroy the Manhunter quietly. However, with the bloodthirsty machine actively moving across the face of a planet inhabitated by Red Lanterns that’s easier said than done. Once Zilius Zox (Tom Kenny) sees the Manhunter and threatens to reignite the war Jordan has no choice but to take him captive aboard the Interceptor as the group traces back the Anti-Monitor’s pulse to their enemy and his entire army of Manhunters on their way to Ysmault.

The good news is fighting for their lives against the army on their way to the Red Lantern homeworld convinces Zox that the Guardians are no longer in control of their former warriors. The bad news is that Aya’s rescue of Razer is at the cost of her own life. The episode also allows the series to give their own spin to the Anti-Monitor’s origins at the hands of Krona, and explain his motives for destroying everything he comes across. Given the loss of a member of their team, the Red Lanterns knowledge of the Manhunters, and Jordan continually defying the Science Director’s orders, there should be plenty of fallout in next week’s episode.

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