Hawaii Five-0 – Ka Iwi Kapu

by Alan Rapp on November 2, 2011

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Ka Iwi Kapu
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Halloween comes to Hawaii and brings along Freddie Kruger (Robert Englund), ghosts, curses, and a double murder for the Five-0 task force to solve when a pair of documentary filmmakers (Erin WayRyan Devlin) researching the Night Marchers (Hawaiian ghost warriors) are killed and buried in the woods in an ancient Hawaiian temple.

Things get even weirder when Max (Masi Oka) identifies the lead suspect in the killings as a man who was shot and killed more than a week earlier by an insane girlfriend. His empty grave and the discovery of nearly three dozen victims, all of who were already dead before being buried in temple, only lead to more questions.

Further investigation leads to the discovery of an organ harvesting scheme by a mortuary attendant and a nurse (Phil Culotta) who have been selling cadaver tissue on the black market for huge profit.

The idea of using England for a Halloween episode isn’t bad, but doesn’t turn out as well as you would hope. The episode’s best moments are all centered around regular cast interactions such as McGarrett’s amusement at Lori (Lauren German) attending a Halloween costume party, Danny (Scott Caan) searching for an apartment and finding himself cursed after treading on the sacred burial ground, and Danny’s awkward meeting with Autumn Reeser who makes another appearance as Danny’s new love interest.

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