Hawaii Five-0 – Kame’e

by Alan Rapp on October 5, 2011

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Kame’e
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When one of his former soldiers is killed in an apparent suicide Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) asks McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) for help. Not only does Five-0 discover that the soldier was murdered but the team uncovers a conspiracy to kill all the members of his SEAL team. As Five-0 tries to discover who is responsible the recently fired Kono (Grace Park) looks for new employment in the seediest of places.

Thanks to a tip (from guest-star David Keith) the team uncovers a link between the SEAL team and a drug cartel raid and a hired assassin loose on the island with a list of the SEAL team members. Keith isn’t the only noticeable guest-star in the episode. Sarah Roemer and William Baldwin both make appearances in supporting roles.

The other storyline doesn’t work as well. Kono’s new arc is so forced its impossible not to believe its a setup with Kono working undercover to help bring down a dirty former cop (Baldwin) who’s started his own vigilante service for justice (and found a way to get paid). The other explanation, that Kono has turned on a dime into becoming the dirty cop she’s accused of, makes no sense whatsoever (unless the writers are in a hurry to write Park off the show).

The episode also includes a sky diving sequence, Danny (Scott Caan) bonding with the team’s new member Lori Weston (Lauren German), a SEAL takedown of the drug cartel, and (Masi Oka) gets a couple of scenes to help correctly identify the homicides and put the team on the right track. Like most of the show’s episodes, it could be better, but it has some fun moments, a couple of nice action sequences, and should work well-enough for fans of the show.

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