House of Lies – Hostile Takeover

by Alan Rapp on April 2, 2013

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  • Title: House of Lies – Hostile Takeover
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House of Lies - Hostile Takeover

With his eyes set firmly on getting the financing to leave Galweather Stern and open his own shop, Tamara (Nia Long) convinces Marty (Don Cheadle) to stick things out and finalize the Carlson (Mather Zickel) deal before he jumps ship. However, when Carlson’s attempt to settle their differences means driving out into the middle of the desert to watch the crazy man blow up watermelons with Ernest Hemingway’s rifle, he begins to have second thoughts.

Clyde (Ben Schwartz) tries to sell the Dushkin brothers (Evan HartAlex Dushkin) on ideas for club expansion to help solidify their brand but is taken off guard by the Dushkin’s own ideas which include a clothing like and a pussy-scented cologne called “Snatch.” Using one of the brother’s insecurities against them both, Clyde manages to steer the idiotic pair away from their disastrous plans (but not before they fumigate the office with their scent of their new brand).

After turning down Doug (Josh Lawson) who begs Jeannie (Kristen Bell) to spend time with Sarah (Jenny Slate) in order to feel more at home in Los Angeles, Jeannie has an uncomfortable confrontation with Julianne Hotschragar (Bess Armstrong) who believes one of her female associates is about the jump ship to a competitor. After contacting a friend in New York, Jeannie discovers it’s Tamara who is leaving and decides to share that information with Marty. Being Marty, he reacts poorly to the news by stealing the crazy man’s ride and leaving Carlson stranded in the desert while renegotiating a deal with Pinkus (Kevin Dobson) to screw over both Tamara and Carlson and give himself a big account to start his new firm.

The episode ends with the end of two relationships as Marty and Tamara call it quits based on their mutual choices (and secretes from each other) and Jeannie ends things with the Dildo King (Adam Brody) by admitting to herself that her feelings from Marty are getting in the way. In the episode’s final scene Marty assembles the Pod and finally announces his plans to leave Galweather Stern leaving the door open for what should make for a lively season finale next week.

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