Human Target – Christopher Chance

by Alan Rapp on May 10, 2018

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  • Title: Human Target – Christopher Chance
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Human Target - Christopher Chance television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to the final episode from the First Season of Human Target. The aptly-named “Christopher Chance” will finally reveal a few truths about Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), his first meeting with Winston (Chi McBride), his old line of work, and the woman who turned his world upside down. Still working as an assassin, our protagonist tricks Winston into giving up the location of a protective witness. With every intention of killing Katherine Walters (Amy Acker), at the last second our hitman for hire changes his mind and decides to break with his boss (Armand Assante) and take the witness on the run. Looking for all the help he can get, he chooses to go to the one man known for keeping people alive: Christopher Chance (Lee Majors).

There’s so much to love about the episode, starting with the casting of Amy Acker as the woman who proves to be the tipping point from our hero’s old life to his new one. Framed as a series of flashbacks with Chance and his friends surrounding by an equally-strong guest-star in Timothy Omundson who wants to know the location of the ledger that disappeared on the same fateful day, the flashbacks also allow for the return of Baptiste (Lennie James) and shed some light on the series of events that allowed for our protagonist to take the name, and mission, of Christopher Chance as his own. The episode, and season, ends in a cliffhanger which is mostly swept aside at the beginning of Season Two which makes some big changes to the show altering the formula that worked so well in the show’s inaugural season. While there are still some good episodes that follow, its hard not to look at the show’s sophmore (and final) season as a disappointment (so disappointing in fact it has never be released on home video).

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